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Dog Behavioural training

A dog's behavioural issue can cause rifts in families, upset neighbours and letters from council.....

but don't worry, help is at hand. The Sydney Dog Trainer has been working with dogs of all types for over 10 years with all sorts of behavioural issues such as jumping up, visitor excitement, mouthing, pulling on leash, separation anxiety, dog on dog aggression, doorbell reactivity etc.

An in home dog behavioural visit is essentially made up of two parts. The first part, the assessment, is a brief interview with you that may turn up some really good information that will go towards helping your dog. The second part is to observe and work with your dog so I can find out what will work best for him.

Ninety-nine percent of all behavioural issues are fixed or well on their way to being resolved!

Dog behavioural issues can be some pretty serious issues so make sure you at least get a qualified dog trainer to help you out and by qualified I mean someone who is nationally accredited, whether it is The Sydney Dog Trainer or someone else who is equally qualified.

In the video below you will see, Lunar a very beautiful girl who USED to pull very badly on the leash, that was until they had a visit from The Sydney Dog Trainer. The Sydney Dog Trainer is an A Grade dog trainer, but don't take my word for it, take theirs!

accelerated puppy training

Accelerated or smart puppy training is for smart puppies and smart people who value their time!

Smart puppy training is just 2hrs and done in the comfort of your own home and for your convenience takes place during the day....on a weekend. So much better than running around picking up the kids from school, getting them showered, dinner and then going out to an hour long session of puppy school ON A SCHOOL NIGHT.....for the next four weeks! If that sounds like fun to you then go for it! As for me I have one child and that makes me tired just thinking about it.

Just mention mention to someone that your doing a home puppy session over a puppy school and you'll undoubtedly hear this from a well meaning friend or relative....

"But you need to go to a puppy school to socialise your dog?"

That may have been the case five years ago....but is certainly not the case now. We now have early finish vaccines up to 10 weeks which means YOU can safely get your puppy out in the real world at 11 weeks. Let me say this again, if you use an early finish vaccine you do not have to step inside a puppy school for socialisation purposes.

During an accelerated puppy training session you will learn all you would in a puppy school and more but in the comfort of your own home!

You will learn sit/stay, down/stay, toilet training tailored to YOUR home, what to do when your puppy bites your hands and feet, puppy walking, exchange and much more.

Some people are so ingrained with the four week school scenario that they simply cannot grasp how a 2 hour puppy training session is possible even when they are told that during a puppy training training session you have one dedicated dog trainer for ONE family for that WHOLE 2 hours. Compare that with a puppy school with one trainer working with SIX PLUS families!


Most people choose to go to obedience dog training clubs within their local community. For some people their dogs are so distracted by the other dogs that they are forced into isolation at the end of the field. If that is you, don't despair, I will spend a couple of hours with you and let you know the in's and out's of obedience training in a less distracting environment and what you need to do to get your dog to a good obedience level.

got ur back

Every home dog training session by The Sydney Dog Trainer comes with 12 months free after visit phone support so don't worry ur not alone and I've got ur back!

why us

The Sydney Dog Trainer is the people’s dog trainer providing life changing help for owners and their dogs at a competitive price!

  • Experience: 12 yrs dog training experience
  • Reputation: Sydney's most affordable dog trainers
  • Formal Training: CIII in Dog Behaviour and Training

What You get

The Sydney Dog Trainer is a QUALIFIED trainer so you can relax and be assured your not getting a sub-standard dog trainer!

  • Professional Nationally Accredited Dog Trainer
  • 12 months free after visit phone support

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