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Message: Hi we have 2 kids aged 8 and 13. Our dog Lester is in the habit of jumping up (on everyone) and nipping the kids, sometimes very hard. We know he wants to play but can’t seem to break the habit. We had a previous trainer who basically said we needed to tether him almost all the time to calm him down + structured regular play (flirty stick, fetch etc) and chew toys. Also ignoring him when he does it was advised. That doesnt work. We’ve tried all that for 2 months and it seems no better. We need to stop the behaviour. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Kevin (names have been changed)

Unfortunately Kevin hired the wrong behaviourist.  Hiring the wrong behaviourist is a costly mistake, necessitating hiring yet another professional to get help! The Sydney Dog Trainer has helped many people who unfortunately did not get the right help the first time around.  One such person was Beverly.  

In an unregulated industry, we strongly recommend selecting a proven and certified dog behaviour expert the first time around! 

The Sydney Dog Trainer……..

Is one of Sydney’s leading dog behaviourists

Is nationally accredited in dog behaviour and dog training

Has 15 plus years experience

Has been listed as one of NSW Top Trainers!

Has ONLY 5 star google reviews 

Has NO negative reviews

Is Sydney’s leading newspapers go to expert for commentary on dog related issues 

Call us today!  Get the help you need the first time!

There is currently no regulation in the dog training and dog behavior industry. This can make it difficult for individuals seeking professional services to find trustworthy and qualified experts in the field.

Yes! The Sydney Dog Trainer is certified in dog behaviour and training and has over 15yrs experience!  We use a successful scientific balanced approach to address a wide range of behavioural issues facing dogs of all breeds and ages.

We service most suburbs in Sydney.

We specialise in home consultations, which are conducted in the comfort of your own home or in the specific location where the arising issues are taking place. We understand the importance of ensuring a convenient and comfortable environment for our clients, and we believe that our home visit service provides just that. We have the necessary skills and training to deliver high-quality solutions and services to help you address your concerns effectively. Please reach out to us to schedule a home visit appointment so we can assist you in the best possible way.”

Our training session typically lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours. We offer a comprehensive visit that equips you with all the skills needed to train your dog. We aim to deliver a one-time visit that leaves you fully prepared to build on the foundation that we lay during the visit. All of our 5 star GOOGLE reviews are from a one-time visit.

When it comes to dog training services, the lack of regulation in the industry can often lead to prices that vary widely from one provider to the next. There are numerous factors that contribute to these price fluctuations, including the trainer’s experience level and the extent of their formal training in the field. As a discerning pet owner, it is crucial to keep in mind that a seasoned dog trainer with many years of experience honing their skills will almost invariably command higher prices than someone who is just starting out in their career.

Additionally, a certified professional with formal training in dog behaviour and training will often charge more than someone lacking such credentials. At The Sydney Dog Trainer, we pride ourselves on our now comprehensive 15+ years of experience and our certification in dog behaviour and training.

Our pricing reflects our commitment to providing top-quality training and unparalleled customer service.  We are extremely competitive in price when compared to dog behaviourists or trainers with similar experience and qualifications. If you would like more information on our pricing or a quote for your specific needs, simply let us know what suburb you are located in and which service you require, and we will be happy to assist you!

Guarantees are commonly utilised as a marketing strategy to encourage potential customers to become paying ones. Although guarantees have a place in certain products, behavioural modification services, whether it be for humans or canines, should not be subject to one.

 The fact is that it is rare if not impossible to find mental health professionals offering a money-back guarantee or a guarantee that they can fix someone’s behavior and yet in the dog behaviour industry such guarantees abound…..most especially in paid advertising!  This fact alone should be enough to sound the warning bells regarding the merit of such guarantees that are being offered in the dog behavioural training world!

Most reputable qualified dog behaviourists and trainers choose not to offer guarantees. This decision is based on the understanding that behavioural modification in living beings differs substantially from replacing a non-living product or a non-functional part of a product.

 It’s important to realise that a significant proportion of any successful dog behavior session relies on the time and work that you put into training your dog after the behaviourist’s visit.

Finally, critical period issues may affect a very small number of dogs, which means there is very little ANYONE can do to modify their behaviour except to make accommodations that improve their daily lives.

 While I do not offer a guarantee, I do offer phone support for a limited time should you need some advice or help post visit.  Be assured that The Sydney Dog Trainer has a reputation as one of NSW’s top trainers, is a well-known media source, has 5 star GOOGLE reviews, a proven track record and a longevity in the industry that speaks for itself!