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"For all your dog behavioural and puppy training needs!"

  1.  Professional dog behaviourist/dog trainer based in Sydney, accredited in dog behaviour and dog training !
  2.  Nationally Accredited Dog Trainer NDTF CIII Dog BEHAVIOUR and Training
  3.  OVER 15 years dog training experience!
  4.  EXPERT puppy trainer!
  5.  PROVEN track record in helping hundreds of families with their dogs!

dog behaviourist & Trainer


5 Good Reasons!

  1.  Professional dog trainer/dog behaviourist based in Sydney, accredited in dog behaviour and dog training!
  2.  Nationally Accredited Dog Trainer NDTF CIII Dog Behaviour and Training
  3.  OVER 15 years dog training experience!
  4.  EXPERT puppy trainer!
  5.  PROVEN track record in helping hundreds of families with their dogs!

dog behaviourist & Trainer


"For all your dog behaviour and puppy training needs!"

  1.  Professional dog trainer/dog behaviourist based in Sydney, accredited in dog behaviour and dog training!
  2.  Nationally Accredited Dog Trainer NDTF CIII Dog Behaviour and Training
  3.  OVER 15 years dog behaviour and dog training experience!
  4.  EXPERT puppy trainer!
  5.  PROVEN track record in helping hundreds of families with their dogs!



What Sydney's saying.......
"Great experience!" "Mark helped where
others couldn't"
"100% recommend!" "Absolutely incredible!" "Transformational!" "Worth every cent!"

Andy Nunn
Andy Nunn
I 100% recommend Mark. My only regret is we didn't do this sooner. Our crazy reactive Staffy x Kelpie has rapidly improved. For context, we have taken our rescue Staffy Cross to weekly dog training for eight months and she is amazing. However we had serious reactivity and leash issues where she became very protective & difficult to take to social events and have friends come to our house because of her reactivity. Mark, instantly spotted mistakes we were making. Within 30 mins we were seeing improvements. Its been 2 weeks since his visit and Poppy is a different dog. Our walks are more enjoyable & we just took her to an event which we previously had Poppy reacting constantly and lunging. This weekend was a joy to see her not responding to screaming kids or people running by. Family members have commented that she is behaving like a different dog.
Arjun Punekar
Arjun Punekar
Mark was absolutely incredible. Our little puppy has very bad separation anxiety and we have been working on it for months. Within one session Mark was able to double the amount of time we could leave her alone, and she seemed a lot less anxious. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who needs some help!
Anita Smojver
Anita Smojver
Mark is a very knowledgeable trainer. He provided an amazing support to Flick (kelpie/border collie) and myself while in training. Whenever I needed advice during the training period, including Saturdays and Sundays, he would make himself available (phone or messages), with constructive advice and positive approach. We made such great progress with Flick with recall, checking in and focus on me when in the park! I would recommend Mark to anyone!
Pip Caffrey
Pip Caffrey
I genuinely cannot thank Mark enough. He even had me sitting and staying. Quick effective and supportive. I now feel confident that I am communicating with my dog and am in control.
Zoe Lockhart
Zoe Lockhart
I called Mark in a panic this morning as my brand new puppy was raising hell in his crate and I didn’t know what to do. Mark left 1 hour ago and for the past 30 minutes, my puppy has been having a nap in his crate with no barking or whining. Mark is fantastic, gets to know your home and life and provides training to suit your needs!
Mathew Ma
Mathew Ma
Literally was on the verge with my rescue dog until Sydney Dog Trainers stepped in and provided training. I can safely say 5 days later Ive come to understand my rescue dog soo much more. Sydney Dogs taught me where I was going wrong and gave me the necessary tools to help me succeed and can safely say now that, I would highly recommend him for all future services.
Monica Courtney
Monica Courtney
Mark was absolutely fantastic with our 1 yr old Cavoodle. He was incredibly patient, and provided useful, actionable advice which has made a huge difference. Cannot recommend him highly enough!
kirsten Williamson
kirsten Williamson
We were at our wits end with our 6 month old Golden retriever. He was constantly jumping and biting us and ripping our clothes. We were so frustrated and upset with our beautiful boy when we rang Mark for help. Within minutes of Mark arriving our pup was engaged and learning. Mark taught us to understand our dogs perspective and once his behaviour was reframed and we adjusted our interactions, he was a different boy. It really was incredible, since that afternoon he has become a much calmer and “nicer to be around” pup. It’s like we all understand one another now. He sits next to us quietly now and no longer jumps all over us bringing in the washing. Mark also helped us with some lead walking issues which are now completely resolved. From the start Mark said it was all about communication and not the dogs fault, which I really liked. I definitely recommend Mark as an excellent trainer and behaviourist. We are so grateful for his expertise.
Sarah Woodbury
Sarah Woodbury
Wow, transformational! Mark sorted our ‘muscle dog’ (staffy vizla cross) within about 2 minutes of arriving at our place (on a Sunday too!) He then proceeded to teach us many of his ‘dog whispering’ skills. He made sure all of us had the hang of them too. He is also available to text afterwards. Eg, What brand collar was that? WELL worth it





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Mark...helping Sydney help their dogs!

Mark’s love for dogs is deeply rooted in his life, as he has welcomed them into his home since he can remember. Growing up in the countryside, his natural affinity with dogs flourished and combined with his military background, Mark developed an uncanny ability to diagnose and help with many behavioural issues that dog owners face. Although Mark’s innate talent had earned him numerous 5-star reviews, he wanted his future clients to know that they were hiring a true expert. So Mark set out to earn one of Australia’s best in class dog behaviour and dog training certifications – the National Dog Trainers Federation Certificate 3 in Dog Behaviour and Dog Training. The training enhanced Mark’s already impressive knowledge, providing him with an all-around skill set to fully support his clients’ needs. Mark’s passion for dogs and expert knowledge has earned him the title of one of NSW’s Top Animal Trainers, and he is often quoted in Australia’s largest newspapers when it comes to tackling dog issues – it’s no wonder many trust him with their much loved dogs!




home dog training sydney!


National Dog Trainers Federation TRAINED!

Home dog training services

The Sydney Dog Trainer offers expert in-home dog training services for behavioural, puppy, and obedience training in the convenience of your own home or surrounding neighbourhood. We take pride in delivering professional training that is tailored to meet the specific needs of your furry companion. With years of experience, we understand the importance of creating a lasting bond with your dog while providing effective training to enhance their behaviour. Whether you want to improve your puppy’s obedience or require behavioural training for your adult dog, we will work with you to achieve your desired goals. Choose our professional and personalized training services that are aimed at providing a comfortable and supportive learning environment for your furry friend. Contact us today to schedule your dog’s in-home training session.







“Ensuring your dog’s safety is of utmost importance. As a professional, I understand the significance of training your dog with a strong recall. Allow me to provide you with effective tips and techniques that I’ve personally utilized with great success. With this training, your dog will have a well-established recall, potentially saving their life in critical situations. Kind regards, Mark TSDT.”


What is home dog training? At home dog training is where a dog trainer, sometimes referred to as a home dog trainer will travel to your home and help you with your dog’s behavioural issue or conduct private dog obedience or a puppy training session. In simple terms we are a dog training school that comes to you to teach both you and your dog! Depending on the dog trainer, the session duration can range from 1 to 3 hrs. Home dog training visits are generally designed to be one off.

During a behavioural home dog training visit which is sometimes called an in home dog training consultation, the home dog trainer will assess your dog’s behaviour and then seek to remedy it.  NINETY-NINE PERCENT of behavioural issues are fixed or greatly improved by The Sydney Dog Trainer. One of the most important aspects of any home dog training visit is for The Sydney Dog Trainer to ensure you have a proper grasp of the behavioural modification techniques used during the visit.

Early finish vaccines (up to 10 weeks) now enables the OWNER to properly socialise their puppy with zero risk. If you are not exposing your puppy to the outside world and everything in it, then your are NOT socialising your puppy! If you don’t plan on taking advantage of an early finish vaccination, don’t worry as we’ve got some great tips and hacks that you can use to safely socialise your puppy!

Private puppy training is fun, informative and tailored to YOUR family and YOUR home environment with 3 months voice/video support should you have any questions, queries or concerns arising post visit!  So when someone tells you that “You need to go to puppy school to socialise your dog.” you can kindly let them know what socialisation really is! and that is……….. getting your puppy feeling happy, confident and safe in the outside world and that is something you can do yourself!



We are pleased to share a video from one of our valued clients showcasing their puppy training progress, which was recorded approximately four weeks after their visit.




What is a dog behaviourist? A dog behaviourist is a dog trainer that specialises in removing/stopping or reducing behavioural issues. A dog trainer specialises in building new behaviours in dogs. At the core both are dog trainers. Some specialise in both such as The Sydney Dog Trainer where others don’t.

In this industry terms like dog psychologist, dog behaviourist can be claimed and used by anyone….even yourself! because there are no regulations governing who can use those terms.

Those who have completed the NDTF CIII Dog Behaviour and Training have been schooled not only to deal with a wide range of behavioural issues but are also trained in teaching dog obedience. The NDTF certification would have to be the most comprehensive course in the industry.

So in Australia a dog behaviourist or dog psychologist can be……..

A) a person who HAS completed government recognised training that specialises in dog behavioural issues.

B) a person who has NO recognised training that specialises in dog behavioural issues.

The Sydney Dog Trainer is nationally accredited with a C3 in Dog Behaviour & Training the result of which is you have an expert who is both dog behaviourist and dog trainer. I also specialise in one on one in home puppy training and obedience consultations.

Symbol Found On Nationally Accredited
Dog Trainers Certificate




You wouldn’t go to an unqualified doctor to get medical help. Yet hundreds, if not thousands of Australians every year unknowingly hire unqualified or inexperienced dog trainers and dog behaviourists to help them with their beloved fur friends. To be fair most dog trainers and dog behaviourists in days gone by started out with no formal training but those days are or should be long gone. In what is now a multi million dollar industry and a good choice of recognised dog trainer certification courses available there is simply no excuse for a dog trainer not to get his certification.  It is highly advisable to hire an accredited trainer or dog behaviorist for better results.


Tips for choosing the best dog trainer/dog behaviourist.

Tip 1. Try googling different search terms such as certified dog trainers near me, dog behaviourist near me, certified dog trainer near me, home dog training or best dog trainers Sydney or best dog behaviourist Sydney. You may even want to try a search with a suburb like, dog trainer eastern suburbs, dog trainer northern beaches, dog trainer north shore, dog training sydney, dog training near me, dog trainer, dog trainers near me, dog behaviour training sydney or whatever suburb you live in as this should come up with a dog behaviourist that services your area.

Tip 2. Once you have your results then check to see if they have their qualification listed on their website and if it is, is it nationally recognised within Australia or is it an overseas internet qualification.

Tip 3. If you can’t find anything on the website then just call or email and ask if they are accredited.

Tip 4. Once you’ve found a certified behaviourist/trainer then check out reviews. 5 stars only reviews are fantastic but don’t dismiss 4 star or 4.5 star trainers and compare prices. Check out the bad reviews and ask yourself are they fair or not when compared to all the positive reviews? You be the judge. Remember no one is perfect and President Lincoln said “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

There are several dog training certification courses around now but imo the STAND OUT professional dog trainer certification course in Australia is The National Dog Trainers Federation CIII in Dog Behaviour and Training.

So if you’re looking for the best dog trainers in Sydney from the Eastern Suburbs to Northern Beaches or Western Sydney then look no further than one of Sydney’s best, Navy Veteran Mark, The Sydney Dog Trainer!

Contact us if you would like some K9 dog training in your home or local environment.



Home Dog Training prices can vary greatly between dog training businesses. People who have bought into a dog training franchise obviously have to pay that 50k plus back before they start getting a return on their investment. With on going franchisor fees on every job they will naturally be at the higher end when it comes to pricing as they do not have a lot to play around with. They also do not have flexibility when it comes to pricing because the franchisor will dictate the pricing.

Sole traders or small businesses are generally more affordable. They do have costs but in general not to the degree of a franchisee so their pricing tends to be more competitive.  For a reputable dog behaviourist in Sydney to conduct an in home dog behavioural consultation you will be looking at above the 300 dollar mark. Anything less would be considered budget. Prices will vary due to factors like experience, whether the trainer/consultant has any formal training, discounts, promos etc

The only way you can be SURE you are getting what you are paying for is to make sure your dog trainer/dog behaviourist is A NATIONALLY ACCREDITED!

We provide dog training Northern Beaches, dog training Eastern Suburbs and most Sydney Suburbs all in the comfort of your own home, backyard or local area.

good dogs go to good places

Do you dream of going on adventures with your beloved furry companion? Well, you can turn that dream into a reality! It all starts with socialization. By introducing your pet to other dogs and teaching them calm behaviors, you can unlock a world of adventure for both you and your best friend. But it doesn’t stop there! You can also train your pup to be well-behaved in all sorts of situations. Imagine the joy of having a happy and obedient dog by your side, no matter where your journeys take you. So, let’s prioritize socialization and obedience training to embark on unforgettable experiences with our four-legged pals. The world is waiting for you!

The Sydney Dog Trainer

did you know?

a recent google search by us for "dog behaviourist sydney" revealed 4 out of the top 5 search results had no recognised training for dog behaviour or dog training listed! Don't take our word, do your own research!

For us the results were not surprising because we know that the dog behaviour and dog training industry IS UNREGULATED! UNREGULATED means the wild west (no rules) where you or anyone for that matter can call themselves a DOG BEHAVIOURIST, DOG PSYCHOLOGIST or DOG TRAINER without any recognised training or experience whatsoever!

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