"When CONTACTING US, just know that we're all about making it easy for you! We SPECIALISE IN A ONE-TIME, TWO HOUR, IN HOME VISIT for behavioural, obedience, and puppy training. With OVER 15 YEARS of successful service, we've honed our approach to ensure maximum results in minimal time. ALL OUR REVIEWS stem from these single, two-hour sessions, supplemented with phone support. So, when you connect with us and if we cover your area, rest assured your QUOTE will reflect this ONE-TIME 2HOUR COMPREHENSIVE VISIT with THREE MONTHS phone assistance! Can't wait to make a difference for you and your furry friend!"

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did you know?

a recent google search by us for "dog behaviourist sydney" revealed 4 out of the top 5 search results had no recognised training for dog behaviour or dog training listed! Don't take our word, do your own research!

For us the results were not surprising because we know that the dog behaviour and dog training industry IS UNREGULATED! UNREGULATED means the wild west (no rules) where you or anyone for that matter can call themselves a DOG BEHAVIOURIST, DOG PSYCHOLOGIST or DOG TRAINER without any recognised training or experience whatsoever!

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