Who is the sydney dog trainer?

My Mission

To provide affordable, quality home dog training.

Home dog training prices 500 dollars plus for a behavioural consultation are not uncommon.  This places much needed help out of reach for a lot of people.  The Sydney Dog Trainer pricing is well within reach of your average family budget.

The Sydney Dog Trainer proudly served in the Royal Australian Navy's Submarine Arm during the Cold War and was awarded The Australian Service Medal with Special Ops Clasp

Extraordinary Experiences

Hours Not Weeks

I get results in hours not weeks.  Ninety nine perecent of behavioural visits end with the behaviour resolved or greatly improved!  Experience The Sydney Dog Trainer difference.

The Man behind the sydney dog trainer

The man behind the Sydney Dog Trainer is Mark Hickey.

Mark was the owner of Dogs Anonymous, it’s rehab for dogs for 10 great years.  Dogs Anonymous was set up as dog behavioural business, but over the years Mark found he was getting more and more enquiries and business from people wanting private puppy training.  So a decision was made in 2018 to go with a name change that would be more encompassing and that is when The Sydney Dog Trainer was born.

Mark has studied under some of Australia’s foremost dog trainers and animal trainers.  Mark has a Certificate 3 in Dog Behaviour and Training which is one of Australia’s foremost professional dog trainer certification courses.


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